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you'll get when you add them to your order?

Newsletter Profits -- The Complete Guide To Setting Up And Running A Profitable Online Newsletter explains making money with an online newsletter. This is important because offering people who read your sales letter the option to subscribe to a free newsletter increases your ability to sell your product. Looking at my numbers, a person who subscribes to my newsletter is 3 times more likily to buy the item offered in the sales letter.

In Newsletter Profits you will learn:
  • Why use a autoresponder?
  • Step by step instructions for writing powerful ezine ads.
  • Ten powerful ways to get new subscribers.
  • The power of ezine publishing.
  • How to choose the best autoresponder service for your needs.
  • How to get past Spam Filters.
  • How to use your ezine to build credibility with your readers. (Credibility means more sales, and more money.)
  • 11 questions you must answer before you choose an autoresponder service.
  • How to write a newsletter.
  • How to decide whether to give away an ebook or a free emailed course to get new subscribers.
  • How to advertise your ezine.
  • How to get others to write articles for you for FREE.
  • How to effectively promote products in your newsletter.
  • How to use your ezine to promote your backend products. (If you do not have additional products - we will show you exactly where to find thousands of products you can make money promoting.)
  • Why an autoresponder is better than sending emails from your email program.
  • How to promote your newsletter.
  • The biggest mistake made in choosing an autoresponder service and how to avoid it.
  • How to write a simple email course to give away as a subscription incentive.
  • How to make money with your ezine.
  • How to write a powerful subject line so your ezine is read.

You'll also get Profitable Bonuses -- Everything You Need To Know About Using Bonuses To Increase Sales. This ebook explains how to use bonuses to increase sales. You'll learn how to create bonuses, get others to give you bonuses, position your bonuses for best effect, and more.

In Profitable Bonuses you'll learn:
  • How to use a bonus.
  • Where to get bonuses if you don't want to (or can't) create them.
  • Where to get inexpensive bonuses for use with your products.
  • How to get others to create bonuses for you for free.
  • How to create valuable and desirable yet inexpensive bonuses.
  • How to select the best bonus for your product.
  • How to position your bonus for maximum effect.
  • The three things you must consider when selecting a bonus.
  • 10 ways to create inexpensive or even free bonuses your clients will line up to get.
  • 5 places to find an inexpensive bonus.
  • Three reasons other marketers will give you or even create a bonus for you, and how to use them to get great bonuses.
  • How to use a bonus to lower returns.
  • The twelve ways people use bonuses wrong and how to avoid these costly mistakes.

Your last added bonus is Profiting From Interviews. Many of the reports I sell are transcripts of interviews. I do this because they are easy to do, and provide great value to my students - that's you!.

In Profiting From Interviews you'll learn:
  • How to approach an expert and ask for an interview.
  • How to use other people's credibility to get an interview.
  • How to do an interview.
  • Technical aspects to make your interview sound better without spending a bunch of money on equipment. (Actually I don't spend ANY money on equipment.)
  • How to sell interviews.
  • How to get questions your buyers will want answered.
  • Two types of interviews and when to use each type.
  • How to use an interview to get an expert to answer your questions.
  • Using interviews to promote products as an affiliate.
  • Using interviews to piggy-back on other marketer's products.
  • Free programs to record and edit your interviews.
  • How to get your expert comfortable talking fast.
  • Ten uses for an interview.
  • The six questions you must answer before doing an interview.
  • Using interviews to get affiliate commissions from the person you interview.
  • How to use interviews to leverage your efforts.
  • How to do less work and end up with a better interview.
If purchased individually, these added materials will cost you $34.91, but right now, you can get them all for only $9.97 when you add them to the Ebook Writing and Ebook Selling reports.

Click here to purchase ONLY the Ebook Writing and Selling package for $34.97.
Click here to save $24.94 by adding Newsletter Profits, Profitable Bonuses, and Profiting From Interviews to your Ebook Writing and Selling package.
You'll pay only $44.94

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